6 Tips for Career changers

Changing careers is a big move, and it’s not always the easiest thing to decide to do. For some, it could mean taking a pay cut to land your dream job, or for others, you might need to relocate to land your perfect role.

A big decision with a lot of factors to consider, but, it could be the best change you make in your life. We’ve got 6 tips below to help you change your career and be your best self.

#1 think about why you want a career change

Take the time to think about why you’re considering a career change. Is it simply because you’re not enjoying your current job anymore – this could be down to the company you’re working for and in some cases, you need to remember the grass always looks greener on the other side. It could be worthwhile looking for a new company, not a new career.

For some, you might be thinking about a career you wanted to do since you started your working life but it never worked out – and you’re still thinking about it years later, if this is the case you’re probably doing it for the right reasons. For others, you might be looking for a career change to take some pressure off of you, something that gives fewer working hours, again, a good reason to consider a career change. The point is, make sure you’re sure about a change this big.

#2 Get everything in order

Change can be stressful and it’s important not to add more stress to yourself at this moment in time. Before you take the leap, get everything you can in order.

Take a look at your finances, are you going to be taking a pay cut? If yes, are there any bills you can cut out at home whilst you’re starting back up to make life as stress-free as possible.

Talk to your partner, keep them in the loop with what you’re hoping to do – especially if it’s going to impact your financed, two heads are better than one and you can hopefully make it a stress-free transition together.

Update your resume – make sure you’re selling yourself and tailor it as much as possible to the new job you’re hoping for. We’ve got some great tips on how to write a good resume, here.

Write down exactly what you want, this could be the package from your new job or even some long term goals you wish to achieve starting in your new career.

Consider if you should work with a recruiter to find you the perfect role in your new area, or if you have enough knowledge of the market to find a job yourself and get the best package.

#3 Think practically

Think practically about what is to come, you might need to take it in stages when it comes to a career change.

Do you need to upgrade your skills and education? You’ll need to find classes and courses but probably won’t be able to do this all at once – break it down and have a manageable workload, some employers might be happy for you to take on evening courses alongside your role.

Decide if big factors such as relocating are a possibility and if they aren’t don’t spend time looking for jobs outside of a comfortable commuting area. If they are, it might be work working alongside a recruiter who can spend the time searching different locations for you for the best job whilst you’re still working.

#4 Research

Research your new market, the types of roles there are, what experience is needed and the pay scale – so you know what to expect when you’re applying. Take the time to look for roles that are in the field you want to work in but don’t necessarily need a ton of experience, you’ll be coming from a different field and although skills are transferable this could be a setback for you.

#5 Don’t set your expectations too high

It’s really easy to think about everything you have at your current job and expect to walk in being paid the same if not more and have a great package but it’s important to remember this isn’t just a job change, it’s a career change and you might not have all of the skills and experience needed. Don’t walk in with unrealistic expectations of a salary match – instead, remember you’re changing careers and think about everything you’re about to learn and what you’ll be gaining that way.


#6 Always work towards your goal

A career change can be overwhelming and it can take time. Always make sure you’re working towards your goal. If it’s taking longer to get yourself a job in your new chosen market don’t start to slack with job applications – continue to work towards what you want and take the extra time to study and make yourself a better applicant.

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Good luck with your job search!

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