Headlines, Hiring, and Trends of Shopify 2022

Since Shopify’s IPO in 2015, it has continued to serve as a staple eCommerce platform for small businesses, whilst continuing to host sites for household names and turnovers of over $2 billion per year.

To keep up with the latest in Shopify, we will look at the current hiring trends and recent salary inflation for Shopify Engineers, Shopify’s controversial update to their App Store, and the Frameworks frequently integrated to Shopify that you should be looking out for to progress your career and stay ahead of the curve!

Who is Hiring In Shopify?

Everyone! Ok, this is a slight exaggeration, but there is currently a strong demand for Shopify Developer talent across seniority with an even split of Agencies and End-Users. Across the last 2 years, Shopify engineering employment has skyrocketed, and there are no signs of that slowing down.

When speculating why the job market has seen this continued growth, the global pandemic with regular lockdowns causing a boom of online shopping is easy to point to. However, we can also consider the continued growth in popularity of Shopify across small businesses, concurrent to the increase in facilitation of enterprise sites Shopify now accommodates. Shopify hosting eCommerce businesses turning over $2 billion per year, has increased necessity for Shopify experts, architects, tech leads. The hierarchy of Shopify opportunity has expanded to cater for increased variance in seniority meaning there is a position out there regardless of experience and salary expectation!

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Tech Frameworks you Should Get to Know!

Parallel to the increase in variance of Job Seniority, Frameworks companies are integrating with Shopify are also growing. Whereas at one time the standard ‘Shopify Developer’ job posting would possibly require experience with Liquid, and maybe React.JS, there is now large scope for Full Stack technologies. Knowledge of multiple JS Frameworks, React, Angular, Vue, Node, Next, Gatsby etc can all be beneficial to Shopify development experience.


There is now also larger scope for tech stacks previously associated with traditional engineering positions outside of eCommerce. Technologies that allow integration of data and ERP are sort after in the eCommerce world, Python, Golang, Sql, Node.js, Next.js all have their place in Shopify and if you can bring a strong Back End skill set along with eCommerce experience, there will be an abundance of opportunity over the coming years.


Shopify in The News

Early January 2022 Shopify made the, now remarked as ‘controversial’, decision to amend their app store to suggest competitors apps. The app store will now use an algorithm to assess the functionality of an app and recommend alternative apps on the app detail pages.

On face value, for the consumer merchants, this is a user-friendly function, allowing you to navigate through applications to find what suits your requirement best. The issue comes from the format of how Shopify advertises apps in the first place.

The controversy comes from Shopify selling Ads for applications in a similar way to Google’s ad product, where developers can pay large sums of money to promote their apps. Developers are now angry that the money they pay in advertising for their app, will have a diminished ROI, as they will also be inadvertently promoting competitors apps.

When looking at trends with app stores (iOS + Google Play), it was likely to predict an update like this, however with the potential loss of ROI for Shopify App Ads, will this encourage Shopify to remove this feature?

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