Memecoins can increase Diversity in the Crypto space

Memecoins are a type of cryptocurrency inspired by memes and pop culture, have been creating euphoria around the crypto market. This is following headlines featuring sole traders, making millions off of relatively small investments in memcoins, becoming more and more frequent. 

How can memecoins benefit cryptocurrency? 

Memecoins can have several benefits to the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

Increased Adoption and Awareness of Cryptocurrency 

Memecoins are often humorous and relatable, therefore they capture public interest, this attracts a broader audience to the cryptocurrency market. Bridging the gap between internet culture and finance can help to normalise the use of cryptocurrency in everyday life, making the concept more accessible and less intimidating to the general public. 

Cultural Integration 

If memecoins can increase the overall adoption and awareness of cryptocurrency, this will naturally increase the diversity of those engaging with the crypto market. Diversity is hugely beneficial within any emerging market as this often also leads to an increase in experimentation and therefore innovation. More experimentation can spur new crypto applications and services. 

Community Building 

Memecoins popular nature and relatability lead to strong and active communities. This is beneficial for the wider crypto ecosystem because these communities can drive engagement, encourage participation in the crypto space and promote further development and innovation within the ecosystem. Community-driven currency’s operate on decentralised platforms, which promotes the adoption of decentralised financial systems – empowering users. 

Gateway to Education 

As we mentioned above, many users may initially feel that cryptocurrency is in-accessible to them but memecoins can serve as an entry point to learning about blockchain technology and the broader crypto ecosystem. 

Market Liquidity 

Memecoins often trade in high volumes, this can contribute to overall market liquidity. Increased liquidity is beneficial to the overall cryptocurrency market because liquidity makes it easier for investors to buy and sell various assets. 

How can memecoins be detrimental to cryptocurrency? 

While memecoins can bring many benefits to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, some will argue there are several risks and downsides. 

Market Volatility 

Unlike some other cryptocurrency, memecoins are often subject to extreme price volatility, driven largely by speculation and hype rather than intrinsic value. Significant financial losses for investors in memecoins will erode the public’s trust in the broader cryptocurrency market. 

Scams and Fraud

Although as we mentioned above there are many benefits to making cryptocurrency more accessible, some investors with less experience will be more susceptible to scams and fraud. “Pump-and-dump” is the name given to schemes, where the price of a memecoin is artificially inflated and the sold off my insiders, this of course has negative implications for the overall perception of the cryptocurrency space. 

Distraction from Series Projects

Some people will argue that the attention directed to memecoins can be distracting from projects that have more potential to advance the value of the cryptocurrency ecosystem than memecoins.

Regulatory Scrutiny 

Memcoins nature: more accessible and speculative than other cryptocurrencies can lead to misuse and this can attract regulatory scrutiny. If cryptocurrency is seen as unsafe or unregulated then it is less likely to be taken seriously by mainstream financial institutions. This is counterproductive to the progressive ideology of decentralised web and financial technology.


The biggest benefit to a rise in memecoins for us, has to be the increased accessibility to FinTech! The financial sector has previously been very privileged territory and to see technical advancements such as cryptocurrency, cause the fintech and pop culture worlds to collide through memecoins is an incredible feat. More accessibility leads to more diversity and more diversity results in more innovation. Unfortunately, this very benefit also increases cause for concern; specifically scams and fraud poses the threat of completely disengaging those new to the crypto space. Instead of disregarding memecoins as “unserious” or “unreliable” let’s work together to make accessible cryptocurrency safe: let’s Adapt.

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