Shopify Vs. Magento Vs. BigCommerce in 2022

What is the difference between Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce?

Firstly, Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce are all successful platforms that offer a range of services and tools for their users. Although all three platforms are there to serve the same purpose, there are multiple factors that differentiate them. A few aspects to mention are payments, structure, extension handling and many other functionalities.

Shopify has an extreme growing user base; end-users are usually retailers that aren’t devoted to technical factors. Shopify is a hosted solution; you must pay a monthly subscription fee to receive the hosting infrastructure. Effectively, you can build a functioning Shopify store and get started very quickly!

Magento, being one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world, having a large user-base from individuals to huge brands and merchants is a self-hosted platform. Offering both a free ‘community’ version and a premium ‘enterprise’ version. The Magento platform offers constant customisation for the users’ online store, emphasising the high flexibility of this platform.

BigCommerce, although a successful, rapidly growing platform, is for small to mid-sized businesses that possibly have a limited ‘spending plan’ in order. Working a similar platform to Shopify; BigCommerce is another hosted eCommerce platform. Again, required a monthly subscription fee to the hosting infrastructure; therefore, you can use the space easily but does have a few limitations compared to others.

eCommerce Speed And Performance

It is statistically proven that customers do not like waiting too long for a website to load; this applies to any kind of website including online stores! Therefore, speed and performance are completely essential for overall success in the world of eCommerce.

Firstly, Magento offers a completely unique performance; users have complete control due to the platform being self-hosted. In short, this means you can adjust as and when needed, to boost performance levels by selecting a server of your choice.

On the other hand, Shopify is a hosted solution. This indicates that the user do not have the pressure of performance and speed of the eCommerce store. With this particular platform, you have very little control over the environment and adjustments made to the server.

BigCommerce is similar to Shopify in that it’s a hosted platform. The platform uses a speedy hosting infrastructure – AWS. However, although facilitating a fast-hosting infrastructure, users do not have the opportunity to fully customise their eCommerce stores; therefore, initiating the idea that BigCommerce is best suited for beginners.

eCommerce Management

Let’s discuss inventory management, it’s crucial that you understand your goals and what’s significant for you. Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento, all have customizations to fit your needs, but it is dependent on the features that your eCommerce store requires. All the platforms include basic features, including product and pricing variations, inventory importing, categorizing and filtering.

BigCommerce has limited hosting infrastructure, this suggests that its overall functionality can handle small-medium size businesses. Therefore, big companies and business tend to use other options, although BigCommerce has unlimited products it really depends on the size of these products which fluctuates for each package.

Shopify is a platform that isn’t ideal for large eCommerce stores; managing your inventory with Shopify is simple and direct. The platform offers multiple extensions that can offer more advanced aspects, including, discounts for registered users and promotions.

Finally, Magento is similar to Shopify in that it offers a basic inventory system; however, Magento excels with its many advanced features. Offering numerous possibilities, although it requires slightly more work for the user, Magento has third-party services for integrating a distribution network.

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