Why you should look for a new role in December

As the year winds down to close out 2021, many are still recovering from their Thanksgiving turkey and thinking about the next holiday meal. In recruitment, it can be one of the busiest times of the year and there are lots of positive reasons why you should be either looking to make that hire or take a new role.


Many companies are looking to use the remaining budget for the year. In some cases, they will lose this for the following year so they are keen to hire. This can help when negotiating your compensation package.


Be Proactive

When many others have halted their interview processes and decided to look in the new year, being proactive during the time of the year can give you an opportunity to step ahead of the competition.


Festive Atmosphere

In pre-remote times it’s always good to join to get a chance to meet your colleagues during a social time of the year. However, even in hybrid or fully remote times, it can be an easier chance to get to meet your co-workers before hitting the ground running in the new year.


Fall Grads

The candidate is sometimes more important than the experience. Always true with the top-level PhD graduates that we work with. December sets up a good timing for many grads and a good time to hire. They are in higher demand than many experienced candidates, so don’t miss out!



This is a good time of year to reflect both on your personal journey and career trajectory. December is a good month to get a feel for the market and see what changes need to be made to make improvements for 2022.

At Adapt Talent we specialize in Magento Recruitment and recruitment within the autonomous driving and artificial intelligence industry, we have a range of vacancies currently open with companies ready to hire this month!


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