Changing Industries: Estate Agency to Recruitment

Firstly, I wanted to start off by saying I feel extremely grateful to have found a sector and company that even after 6 months, I feel settled, happy and motivated for my future endeavours!

I decided to make the jump to recruitment in late 2021 when I felt like something was missing from my career. I’d heard so many opinions regarding recruitment, and I think what excited me the most was achieving goals and getting noticed/rewarded for the hard work you’re putting in – what can motivate someone more than that?

Fast forwarding to the present day, I started my journey at Adapt in January 2022 with norRecruitment experience! In my head, my goal was to be the best I can be by soaking up the knowledge of my colleagues and performing.


What have I learnt so far working in recruitment?

Perseverance – this is a skill I feel is incredibly significant, especially when it comes to recruitment. Sometimes, certain processes won’t go our way, it’s important to master the art of continuing on and pushing through as success will come if you’re persistent.

It’s safe to say I am an extrovert! So far in recruitment, it’s clear to see that being a confident person is key. Whether this is being comfortable in holding great conversations with candidates or knowing your market. Being a Delivery Consultant at Adapt, I also like to ensure I feel confident when discussing an opportunity with candidates. Therefore, learning about the client and their needs, as well as what they have to offer has helped me loads with delivering this to a candidate and leads to a more successful conversation.

Goals, Motivation and Targets! Honestly, I have never felt so driven as I currently do. In this job so far, I have been asking myself questions like. What would I like to achieve today? What would I like to accomplish this week? What would I like to achieve this month?

Asking questions like this has allowed me to clearly map where I want to be and how to get there.

In my opinion, Recruitment is such a fast-paced environment; however, if hard work, dedication and a great working environment are implemented, goals and targets are achieved.

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