The importance of talking about your mental health

This blog is a little bit more of a personal one, but something I feel is important to share.

We often get carried away with life, let alone our work, chasing our dreams and investing our time into avenues that we hope can give us a wealthy return on investment. I have always challenged myself daily to do better in my work, life goals, and fitness, but one thing I had never invested in until recently was Therapy.

I hit a bit of a crossroads again, where my mental state was affected, and it’s so easy to go into ‘auto pilot’ and get on with your days and weeks, but a good friend said I should still go speak to a therapist, regardless of me just getting on with my day to day routine.

I am so glad I listened to the advice and actually took it.

My first session was for 1.5 hours, and I would say for 80% of the time, I was crying. I am happy to share this with you because I do not want anyone to feel ashamed or embarrassed to go to therapy, even if you feel good within yourself, why not try it? You will be very surprised how much it can help you with the smallest of problems.

The benefit of going to therapy is that they do not know you, nor will you feel they are to judge you, they are there to get you to the better place you want to be. They will help you process your challenges differently,  whatever it is that you are struggling with, they can dig deep, unwind your mind, and re-wire your perspective on the problems and challenges you are facing every day.

Regardless of what industry you work in, or what challenges are you faced with, big or small, go and try it.

You will be surprised how much good it will actually do for you.

I am glad I went to that session and I will continue to go because I believe the first and best investment you should make, is in yourself.

Going through this stage also made me realise the importance of a good work environment. My whole team, including upper management, were fully supportive and made me feel comfortable talking about any issues I was having and let me take any time I needed when I was having a bad mental health day. There are a number of factors that can really help you when you’re not feeling yourself and I’m so grateful for having a good team around me.

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