Considering a lateral career move?

What is a lateral career move?

A lateral career move is when an employee transitions to a different role or department at the same level of seniority. While taking a step to the side may seem like you are taking a step backwards, it can be a smart move for your career. Lateral moves can be beneficial for both career and personal growth as they offer new challenges, opportunities, and perspectives without the pressure of advancing in the company hierarchy.

How can a lateral career move benefit your career?

New skills and experience

Making a lateral career move can expose you to new skills and experiences that you may not have had the opportunity to gain in your current role. Learning new processes, technologies and building on your current knowledge can make you a more well-rounded employee, in turn, making you more marketable to potential employers. Moving to a similar role in the same company can give you a broader understanding of how the business functions as a whole and shows future employers that you are adaptable and willing to learn and grow. This can be helpful if you eventually want to move up in the company or take on a leadership role.

Broader network

When you change roles or departments, you will work with new colleagues and senior leaders who have different perspectives. Expanding your professional network can help advance your career by providing new opportunities, guidance from mentors, and future collaborations you may have otherwise not known about. It can also increase your visibility and credibility in your industry as you learn valuable insights and information about your industry and job market.

Renewed motivation

Sometimes, we all reach a point where we need a break and a chance to try something different. If you are feeling overwhelmed in your current role, a change of scenery can be just what you need to reignite your motivation. One of the biggest benefits of change is that it allows us to become more adaptable, which is crucial for personal growth. As we learn to navigate through change, we become better equipped to deal with future challenges.

In conclusion, a lateral career move can offer many benefits for your career. It can help you explore new areas of interest, build a broader network, and improve marketability in the long run. However, it is important to note that lateral career moves require careful consideration to ensure that the move makes sense for your personal and professional goals. It’s crucial to explore all opportunities in the new role before accepting an offer. With strategic planning, lateral moves can be an effective strategy for achieving new and exciting opportunities in your career. If you are feeling stuck in your current role or are looking for a new challenge, consider making a lateral career move.

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