Predicting Growth via recruitment eCommerce trends

The demand for Shopify talent has been on Rocketship since 2019 and has yet to slow down – Is it a coincidence that the Shopify stock mirrored hiring needs and grew 1,384% in the past 5 years?

You can analyze and predict growth via recruitment eCommerce trends, and I’m sure other technical areas as well.

When respected players within the eCommerce space adopt new platforms, you pay attention. Why are they opening new practices specifically for Shopify? Or migrating from other platforms such as WooCommerce or Magento?

Magento gets a hard wrap, but it’s a good platform. When merchants and agencies move away from this, it’s because the alternative is damn good.

If you invested in the Shopify stock in 2019 based on how the staffing needs were growing, your initial investment would be x15.

How about BigCommerce? The average amount of roles added to LinkedIn or Indeed hasn’t increased dramatically / our clients aren’t reaching out to us with urgent requirements. The stock reflects this.

Platforms such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magento are difficult to analyze, as they were acquired by larger organizations (Adobe and Salesforce) that have multiple revenue-producing business units.

Adapt Talent focuses onMagento Recruitment and eCommerce Recruitment and I’m super excited to see what other platforms join the market in 2021 and decipher whether we can further analyze hiring trends to predict a companies growth.

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