Things you should do after a job interview

A job interview can be a nerve-wracking experience and thinking about what you should do after might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, the steps after an interview are really important. If you think the interview went well, be proactive, there are things you should do after a job interview that can increase the odds of getting a second interview or a job offer.

Ask for the next steps and contact information

Knowing what to expect will help determine when to follow up and reduce any worrying about the hiring and interviewing process. At the end of an interview, ask about the process moving forward, how long will the process take in terms of someone getting back to you with the outcome? If you don’t already have it, ask for their contact email/phone number so you can follow up after the interview.

Assess how your interview went

After the interview, go home and rethink how the interview went. Note down anything you wish you had said to the interviewer but didn’t get the opportunity to or any questions you may have forgotten to ask. This way you could write a follow-up email or in a second conversation with the employer, you can mention anything you forgot.

Follow up with the hiring manager

A follow-up email to the employer doesn’t have to be long but it is important to send one after the first initial phone call as decisions about candidates are often made quickly. These follow-ups can make a good impression as you want your interviewers to remember you.

Thank the interviewer for taking the time to speak to you and give a brief overview of why you believe you are an excellent fit for the position and one or two sentences explaining why the position is a good match given your assets and interests.

Also, supply any additional information that you were unable to fully address in your interview.

Notify Your References

You don’t want your referees to feel like they are being cold-called by your potential employer so it is important to notify your referees that they might receive a call or email from them. Don’t forget to show appreciation for their time completing a reference for you with a follow-up letter or email is a good idea.

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