Transition of Markets 

Today, I am writing my first blog for Adapt Talent, which I have been really looking forward to sharing. I wanted to share my experience, transitioning into a new core market, which I hope will help other recruiters who may be looking to transition into a new market.

I am a prime example of someone who has spent years in one industry, realising what I was doing was no longer satisfying nor rewarding enough for me. I soon come to realise that I was hitting these mental roadblocks due to the exhaustion of working countless hours in a marketplace that was slowly falling apart, partly down to the pandemic.

Statistics show that the average recruiter lasts around 4 years before they leave recruitment and go into something else. This could be down to many things, but I believe one of the most popular reasons is the satisfaction of the market they are recruiting in. If the market is not evolving and moving forward, then how can we as recruiters?


Something I learned whilst I was in the process of joining Adapt, was that the business was ahead of the game, in terms of knowing the industry now and where it will be in 5 to 10 years, in terms of being ahead of their competitors, and in terms of how they function internally as a company.


Success after change 

In my first month, I have managed to partner with 2 clients, and make a placement in my first 3 weeks. These are short term wins, which provide long term opportunities, and I am excited to see how this journey unfolds.


Fear of change 

Many become so comfortable in their day to day they forget what change feels like so naturally become uncomfortable with the idea of change. So, whether these are words of wisdom or just a bit of inspiration for recruiters who are reading this… do not get stuck in your comfort zone, believe that change is good because it is!

Change can create opportunities, help you develop your expertise in a new recruitment market, and offer more life experience!

I hope this helps recruiters who may be considering a switch in fields, and do not hesitate to reach out if you ever had questions. Adapt may even be open to your profile! 


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