Why outsource in eCommerce?

Competition, price, and lack of resources. Only a few reasons to start.

Let’s add COVID into the mix, we have a problem.

US eCommerce agencies and merchants offering remote work in 2019 had a distinct advantage.

In 2021, remote working is now assumed.

So how do companies compete? Salary increases mostly (which are unrealistic for most). 

Adapt asked ourselves the question – why does a border determine a good SFCC, Magento or Shopify developer?

We began developing hotspots worldwide and found on average we can save US employers 50% on employments by offering global outsourcing.

The candidates are often more experienced, able to work in similar time zones and available immediately.

We’ve conducted a bunch of research on the financials, legal, and pros/cons of hiring outside of the US. If you are curious about finding out more, contact us for more information.