Why should I offer remote working to my staff?

We have come leaps and bounds with our outlook on remote working since Covid entered the world. 2 years ago, working from home was merely a benefit or company perk that businesses offered – now its industry standard.


Working from the comfort of your home is always going to save you time commuting. After all, for most people, the walk from the bedroom to their home office/workstation is no longer than 15 seconds. Giving your workforce extra free time will mean they are able to spend more time doing things they enjoy or mean a lot to them such as seeing family. This can also mean that staff put in extra time to work as well.


Commuting for some, especially those working in large cities such as New York can end up spending a large portion of their income on the cost of public transport/their travel to work. Reducing an employee’s time spent in the office will mean they will have to spend less on travel expenses which again, will leave for more expendable income for them to do the things they enjoy/buy the things they need.

Office Space

The cost of office space can be ridiculously expensive, especially in metropolitan areas. Reducing the amount of office space you need will allow you to save more and dedicate more money towards more important things such as improving your business offering or product line or training employees in new skills. Many businesses have now opted for 100% remote model and are thriving from doing so!


Working from home provides fewer distractions from a busy office environment. Not having a team of colleagues to speak with about your weekend and not being able to make trips to the coffee machine will save your workforce more time than you think. However, it isn’t just time that your staff will save. Alone time will allow your staff to fall into deep work allowing them to be more creative and productive. If your staff are able to complete their work remotely from home, ask yourself why aren’t they?

We think remote working is great and it should be offered everywhere at some capacity – even if it is simply offering one day from home or a hybrid approach. At Adapt Talent we specialize in Magento Recruitment and recruitment within the autonomous driving and artificial intelligence industry, we have a range of openings where we can find you your perfect job in a company that suits your needs.

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