The rise of M-Commerce

M-Commerce is growing increasingly popular, in the commerce world allowing users to access online stores whilst on the move and make quick and simple purchases from their phones, using passcodes and facial recognition to confirm payments via their digital wallets in seconds!

Although there are some huge benefits for the consumers and users of mobile shopping, there is a great deal of time, research and investment that goes into these smartphone applications.

Not only do we rely on the mobile applications to run efficiently, but the development teams also have a real task at hand, working with banks to allow consumers to make quick and secure purchases online without being affected by cyber-attacks.

Three positive points I have found ( as a consumer) when online shopping via my smartphone:

  1. With little to no effort, I can find items I need or want without going out and spending hours searching or evening finding them at all.
  2. I am updated with new merchandise from my favoured brands, that allow me to react to new offers immediately.
  3. Payments and delivery methods are handled safely and securely.

Three negative points I have found ( as a consumer) when online shopping via my smartphone:

  1. Spending more money than I should!
  2. Your smartphone requires to be always updated to allow the mobile applications to work effectively.
  3. It can lack a personal touch when purchasing items as gifts.

M-Commerce is an industry that we expect to see continual growth from over the next couple of years and with a rapidly growing tech industry we’re bound to see an increase in the recruitment space. At Adapt Talent we specialize in Magento Recruitment and commerce recruitment, we have a range of openings where we can find you your perfect job in a company that suits your needs.


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